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Sticky 5 is finally out!

2011-04-04 23:25:16 by pato93

After a pretty long time, the fifth episode of Sticky has finally been released.
It includes some cool new stuff. I tried experimenting with a little top-down view and added a replay button, plus I included better background music.

This is also the longest Sticky episode so far. Check it out!

Sticky 5 is finally out!

Sticky: episode 5 will be released this next week. Its probably the best in the series so far IMO. So check it out when its out.

By the way, Sticky: the game is coming along pretty well, but its gonna take a while longer.

Sticky: the game, based on the series, is already under development!
The one in charge of this awesome project is programmer tri-circle, while im taking care of art, story, cutscenes, sounds, and some music.
I dont know how long it will take, tri-circle and I will make sure its worth the wait.

This obiously means that Sticky 5 will be a little delayed (i had already started working on it and was about 10-12% done). Ill get to that as soon as I can. Its gonna be the best episode by far, so its gonna take some time as well, but it will probabl be out right before or right after the game.

I wanna know if someone is interested in making a game based on the Sticky series.
I wouldnt take part in the making, just take credit for being the creator of the series the game is based on.
Here is the link to the forum thread. 31728
You may also send me a message. Hope someone is interested in working on this :D

Sticky 4 is out!

2011-02-16 21:38:40 by pato93

After over a week and a half of production, and very annoying 2 days of trying to implement the NG API, Sticky 4 is finnaly out!

This new episode has some major improvements over the original trilogy, including:
- Fully colored background
- Some music written and played by me
- Chuck Norris (not really)

The episode may not be as action-paked as the last, but its only for this episode.
Let me know what you think and remember: its only my fourth animation ever.

I also added two cool little "cameos" (kinda) from Robot Crab and Flight of a Pig, created by biosfreak and mariofan153.

Hope You enjoy Sticky 4!

Sticky 4 is out!


2011-02-14 12:19:13 by pato93

Im finally working on the last scene of sticky 4. The episode isnt very long, but its taking way longer than any other episode, mostly because of the new features (yet to be revealed).

I think ill finish making it today, but ill still have to edit, add sounds, preloader, etc. Plus im gonna try to use the newgrounds API, which looks pretty complicated, hopefully it wont be too hard if I follow the tutorial.

The episode may not be totally action-packed this time around, but it has some pretty cool stuff and a few surprises.

After the episode is released, ill be taking a couple days to come up with new ideas before I start working on part 5, which im hoping will be the best episode by far, therefore the hardest to make by far as well. In those few days ill also be looking for people for a sticky-related project that ill reveal after episode 4 comes out.


Back to newgrounds!

2011-02-06 15:17:24 by pato93

After a whole year of being away from animating (because my computer was formatted and i lost my animation-related files and programs beyond recovery, so I had given up on starting again from scratch) im back.

I will keep working on my animations, the Sticky series will be a priority, but i may also work on some other projects.

Thanks for the kind words, helpful reviews and support!


2010-01-31 23:38:50 by pato93

Sticky Part 1 and 2 have recieved good reviews and helpful tips. Thanks a lot!
I will start to work on part 3 soon.