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Sticky: The Game is under development!

2011-02-18 15:15:20 by pato93

Sticky: the game, based on the series, is already under development!
The one in charge of this awesome project is programmer tri-circle, while im taking care of art, story, cutscenes, sounds, and some music.
I dont know how long it will take, tri-circle and I will make sure its worth the wait.

This obiously means that Sticky 5 will be a little delayed (i had already started working on it and was about 10-12% done). Ill get to that as soon as I can. Its gonna be the best episode by far, so its gonna take some time as well, but it will probabl be out right before or right after the game.


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2011-02-19 05:59:59

also im making a huge new flash with sticky , robot crab and mr piggy!