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Sticky 4 is out!

2011-02-16 21:38:40 by pato93

After over a week and a half of production, and very annoying 2 days of trying to implement the NG API, Sticky 4 is finnaly out!

This new episode has some major improvements over the original trilogy, including:
- Fully colored background
- Some music written and played by me
- Chuck Norris (not really)

The episode may not be as action-paked as the last, but its only for this episode.
Let me know what you think and remember: its only my fourth animation ever.

I also added two cool little "cameos" (kinda) from Robot Crab and Flight of a Pig, created by biosfreak and mariofan153.

Hope You enjoy Sticky 4!

Sticky 4 is out!


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2011-02-17 07:59:42

the fully colored background looks epic
and no! i do not say that because i made it!