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2011-02-14 12:19:13 by pato93

Im finally working on the last scene of sticky 4. The episode isnt very long, but its taking way longer than any other episode, mostly because of the new features (yet to be revealed).

I think ill finish making it today, but ill still have to edit, add sounds, preloader, etc. Plus im gonna try to use the newgrounds API, which looks pretty complicated, hopefully it wont be too hard if I follow the tutorial.

The episode may not be totally action-packed this time around, but it has some pretty cool stuff and a few surprises.

After the episode is released, ill be taking a couple days to come up with new ideas before I start working on part 5, which im hoping will be the best episode by far, therefore the hardest to make by far as well. In those few days ill also be looking for people for a sticky-related project that ill reveal after episode 4 comes out.



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